PVC Pipes for Buildings and Wastewater Treatment

Lareter produces PVC Pipes for Buildings and Wastewater Treatment in a wide dimensional range
(Ø est. 32-315 mm) in accordance with UNI EN 1329.

PVC Pipes for buildings have been used in a wide range of construction products for over half a century. PVC’s strong, lightweight, durable and versatile characteristics make them ideal for many applications in construction sites. PVC Pipes suffer no build-up, pitting, scaling or corrosion and provide smooth surfaces reducing energy requirements for pumping. Due to its characteristics the use of PVC pipes systems is recommended for water, waste and drainage systems.

They correspond to the requirements of waste waters coming from the inside of the buildings.

Field of application
Waste-water conducts within the buildings

Ref. to standards
Uni EN-1329
NF EN-1329

Dimensional range
Ø est. 32-315
Series: light, heavy, extra- heavy

Plain ends
Solvent socket

Ral 7037 light grey
Ral 2003 orange