PVC – HDPE Pipes for Water Wells and Drainage

Lareter manufactures PVC and Polyethylene drainage pipes and fittings for water wells and drainages.

The pipes and fittings in PVC and HDPE that we produce, useful in the phases of construction of water wells, satisfy all the requests and needs of the companies that deal with the drilling and drilling phases of the wells, which carry out drainage interventions and provide for the construction of artesian wells.

Lareter supplies pipes and fittings in PVC and PE of the highest quality and takes care of carrying out strict tests on the hydraulic components it produces, in this way it ensures compliance with the international hygienic and technical regulations and of the countries to which it exports.

Lareter manufactures different types of drainage pipes and fittings for water wells.

  • Micro-slotted PVC pipes for drainage: drainage PVC pipes perform a double function: on the one hand, they collect excess water in the ground, on the other, they convey it to a drain line. It has been widely demonstrated that the use of PVC pipes with slots suitable for the grain size of the soil guarantees the drainage effectiveness of the pipes over time. For this reason microslotted PVC pipes are widely used in drainage works.
  • PVC pipes with glued socket: rigid PVC pipes for non-toxic  wells which are characterized by the glued socket joint.
  • M/F slotted high density polyethylene pipes: HDPE pipes compliant with UNI EN 12201 with smooth and black surfaces characterized by: resistance to shocks and corrosion; maintenance of the mechanical characteristics over time; simplicity of junction; resistance to crack propagation; resistance to internal pressure stresses.
  • Valved PVC pipes for injections: these are PVC pipes equipped with external valves positioned at regular intervals that allow the introduction of mixtures. They are suitable for some particular processes such as the construction of tunnels and dams or the reinforcement of foundations.

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