Drainage Pipes in PVC and HDPE | Lareter

PVC and HDPE Drainage Pipes, slotted and micro- slotted, for systems of drainage and irrigation under ground.

The range of our Drainage Pipes is completed by PVC pipes for piezometric research and valved pipes for consolidation. We are able to reply to whatever requirement regarding the width of the slots, the number of matrixes and the height of the pipes.

Field of application
Piezometri research
Valved pipes for consolidation

Ref. to standards
DIN 4925

Dimensional range
Ø est. 40 – 500 PVC
Ø est. 40 – 800 PEAD
Ø est. = 1/2″ – 14″ PVC (british standard)

Plain ends
Solvent socket
Threads M/F

blue RAL 5015 for PVC