PVC Pressure Pipes

Lareter PVC Pressure Pipes are used for water treatment systems, irrigation, sewages, waterworks, artesian wells, drainage systems, swimming pools, cooling systems and geothermal applications.

Lareter U-PVC pipes for pressure conducts are guaranteed by the certications of IIP (Italy), CSTB (France), DVGW (Germany), WRAS (United Kingdom), EAC (Russia) , IMO and RINA (Naval Certificates).

Our Pressure Pipes production covers a wide range of diameters (16 – 800 mm) and PN (6-10-12.5-20-25), can be delivered in different colours (dark grey, blue, orange, yellow, red…) in different lengths (from 0,7 mt to 9 meters).

Types of connection:

The PVC Pressure Pipes are available with gluing joint, rubber ring socket type Forsheda Power-Lock ,solvent socket, plain ends or threaded ends. They can be employed in the field of irrigation, aqueducts and industry.

FORSHEDA POWERLOCK: The gasket Forsheda Power-Lock is conform or superior to the European Standards regarding water treatment and sewage systems, for PVC Pressure Pipes installed both under and above ground. Thanks to a special design, this gasket simplifies the installation process of pipelines.


  • Excellent hydraulic flow
  • Reduced adherence to scale (sludge, organic deposits etc.)
  • Flexibility of the joint
  • resistance to chemical attack and abrasion
  • simplicity of installation and assembling
  • the seal is firmly seated in the socket and does not show any irregularity of adhesion

Advantages for installers, operators, designers:

  • Time saving during installation and tests
  • Guarantee of hydraulic tightness both with positive and negative pressure up to – 0.5 bars.
  • Greater reliability regarding tightness of seals
  • angular deflection of gaskets up to 3° (high compensation)
  • pipe and gasket form an unique and supportive element
  • gasket cannot be lost anymore
  • considerable reduction of forces during assembling of pipes
  • no risk for gaskets assembled in the wrong way and therefore no leaks
  • guarantee of correct functionality of the whole system
Tubi PVC Pressione

Field of application:

  • Plants of food liquids
  • Aqueducts
  • Irrigation
  • Industrial plants
  • Biogas
  • Sewage under pressure
Price list
Technical specifications
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Certifications of quality

Technical specifications

Ref. to standards:

UNI EN ISO 1452-2
NF EN-1452-2
DIN EN – 1452-2
DIN 8061/62
BS EN 1452
ASTM D1785

Dimensional range:

  • Ø est. 16-500 mm

PN6 / PN10 / PN12.5 / PN16 / PN20

  • Ø est. = 3/8″ – 10″ (british standard)

Class C / Class D / Class E / Class F


Ral 7011 dark grey
Ral 5015 blue


Plain ends
Rubber ring socket
Solvent socket
Power Lock, system Forsheda