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Draining microslotted PVC pipes

Fimap Technologies PVC pipes and filters are recognized and highly regarded by the majority of operators in the sector as satisfying any requirement made by companies specializing in water wells.

The use of high quality raw materials and rigorous testing during the production phase ensure that sanitation and technical regulations of most industrial countries are conformed with.

In particular, threading and micro-slotting conform to DIN 4925, or to specific customer requiremen.

Fimap Technologies PVC pipes guarantee:

  • resistance to mould corrosion , sea water, dilute acid and alkaline solutions, stray currents.
  • no scaling.
  • long-term effectiveness.
  • msmoother internal walls guarantee greater hydraulic conductivity along the same diameter as compared to iron pipes.
  • simple connectors: male/female threads according to the Customer’s requirement, with the possibility of inserting an O-ring rubber grommet.
  • ease of transport and fitting.
Description Value Unit Test method
Specific weight1,35 - 1,46g/cm³iso 1183
Linear expansion coefficient0,06 - 0,08mm / m. C°UNI 6061167
Thermal conductivity0,13kcal / mh C°DIN 51612
Traction,pressure and twisting elasticity tests "E"30.000Kg / cm²ASTM D 747
Electrical resistance10^12Ohm cmUNI 4288
Elongation load in traction500 ÷ 550Kg/cm²ASTM D 638
Elongation at traction10%
Water absorption0,04÷0,06mg/cm²ASTM D 570
Destructive elongation100÷170%ASTM D 638
Shock resistance (Test method Charpy)5Kg cm / cm²ASTM D 256-56
Fire resistanceSelf-extinguishingASTM D 635-56 T
Softening temperature82ASTM D 985

The data indicated in the table refer to a temperature of 20 C°.
Operating pressure varies in inverse proportion to temperature.

PVC drainage pipes have two functions: excess water collection and draining water away to guarantee the safety of the environment near to natural or artificial slopes.

Years of application have proven that pipes appropriately slotted to the size of the ground’s particles guarantee long-lasting, effective drainage solutions. The use of sub-horizontal drainage pipes can also be used in: road drainage, agriculture, railways, airports, construction, sports centers, parks etc.

Draining microslotted pvc pipes

Outside diameterthicknessInside diameterBell-end max. dimensionThreadingSlottings
1"33,33,326,740GasDa 0,2 mm ad oltre 3 mm
1"1/442,03,734,649Gas/TrapezoidaleDa 0,2 mm ad oltre 3 mm
1"1/248,04,040,055Gas/TrapezoidaleDa 0,2 mm ad oltre 3 mm
2"60,04,042,065Gas/TrapezoidaleDa 0,2 mm ad oltre 3 mm
2"1/275,04,366,481Gas/TrapezoidaleDa 0,2 mm ad oltre 3 mm
3"89,04,580,094Gas/TrapezoidaleDa 0,2 mm ad oltre 3 mm
4"114,05,0104,0120Gas/TrapezoidaleDa 0,2 mm ad oltre 3 mm

Maximum possible diameter 1000 mm. Threaded pipes standard length: 6 m and 3 m. Pipes can be covered in TNT or polyester geotextiles. On request, we can produce drainage for the construction industry or sewage pipes.

Fimap Technologies drainage pipes can have different slot distribution. In particular FIMAP offers:

  • slots at 90° – 270° on casing
  • slots at 180° – 180° on casing
  • slots at 240° – 120° on casing
  • slots at 360° evenly distributed slots

More or less slots can be distributed along the circumference according to the diameter of the pipe required. Pipes can be provided covered in geotextiles.

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