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Pressure PVC fittings

Atoxic UPVC fittings for the construction of pipeline systems for fluids under pressure.

The different types of connection are: rubber ring socket, solvent socket , plain ends or threaded ends. They can be employed in the field of irrigation, aqueducts and industry.

Raccordi PVC Pressione

Certification of quality

Field of application:

  • Plants of food liquids
  • Aqueducts
  • Irrigation
  • Biogas
Price list
Laboratory tests Politecnico
Installation of PVC pressure fittings
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Ref. standards:

NF EN-1452, UNI EN-1452
DIN EN 1452, DIN 8061/62, BS EN 1452
ASTM D1785

Dimensional range:

Ø est. 16-500
PN6, PN10, PN12.5, PN16, PN20
Ø est. = 3/8″ – 10″ (British standard)
classi C, D, E, 7


Ral 7011 dark gray


Plain ends
Elastomeric ring beaker
Glass to glue

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