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PVC Pipes for Artesian Wells

Lareter PVC Pipes for Artesian Wells and fittings are well known and appreciated by the most of the operators of the field, in that they allow to meet any need of water wells specialized companies. TOp quality of raw materials and strict testing during the production phase assure a perfect compliance with the sanitary and technical regulations on PVC Pipes for artesian wells of the main industrialized countries. Additionaly PVC pipes can be treaded and slotted according to DIN 4925.

Our PVC Pipes for Artesian Wells guarantee:

  • resistance to mould corrosion, sea water, dilute acid and alkaline solutions, stray currents
  • no scaling
  • long term effectivness
  • smoother internal walls that guarantee greater hydraulic conductivity along the same diameter as compared to iron pipes
  • simple connectors : male/female threads according to customer’s requirement with the possibility to insert an O ring rubber seal

The whole range is completed with slotted or micro-slotted filter pipes.

Tubi PVC Pozzi

Certifications of quality

Field of application:

  • Artesian wells

Price list
Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Ref. to standards:

DIN 4925

Dimensional range:

Ø est. 40 – 500 mm pvc
Ø est. = 1/2″ – 14″ (british standard)


Ral 5015 blue
RAL 7011 dark grey


Plain ends
Solvent socket
Threadings M/F

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