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Biopol N

Natural Biopolymer viscosifier (biodegradadility at 100%).


Modified organic polymer.Due to the organic origin of this product,it is easely metabolized in few hours by the most common microorganisms present in the soils.


Mainly used as an high viscosifier of the drilling fluids.It facilitates the incapsulation of the drilling cuttings and the cleaning of the borehole. Despite the low quantity needed for usage (from 5 to 7 kg. Each cubic meter of water) the product grants drilling fluids with high viscosities. It is a TOTALLY NON TOXIC PRODUCT particularly indicated for the water wells drilling. To avoid the formation of non soluble grumes, it’s recommended to mix it in a separate container, poring in the product very slowly while preparing the drilling fluid. Keep mixing it for 20/25 minutes before the use.


The polymer is packed in 25 kg. paper sacks (55,11 Lbs.) Other packagings available on request.

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