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Carbopol SP



Natural cellulosic Polymer. High performance viscosifier even if in low dosage. It is used to control and reduce the liquid loss and as an inhibitor of the clay.


Mainly used as an high performance viscosifier of the drilling muds, it also maintains hole stability by preventing shale swelling and erosion.It also performs as a lubricant and cooler of the drilling tools.


Percentage and dosage are directly connected to the desired viscosity for the intended use ( see technical data sheet). To avoid the formation of non soluble grumes, it’s recommended to mix the product in a separate container, poring it in very slowly. keep mixing it(with mixer) for 30 minutes before using.


The polymer is packed in 25 kg. paper sacks (55,11 Lbs.) Other packagings available on request.

Technical sheet
Security sheet
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