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Foaming LH

Anionic surfactant.


Anionic surfactant, with a high percentage of active substance. It looks like a limpid clear liquid. It has the property to form compact and stable foams to be used in water with normal hardness.


It is mainly used mixed with “fresh” water for geotechnical drilling to reduce the frictions, the dust and keep the bore hole and the drilling rods clean. In case it would be necessary very thick and viscous foams, with high lubricant properties, can be added in low percentages, of a thickening agen (polymer emulsion VISCOPOL SL). In this way the obtained foam stabilize the walls of the borehole very well. This polymer also ensures a better lubrication of the drilling system granting and an excellent borehole cleaning too.


Drums 50 – 100 – 200 liters or plastic cans of 25 liters. Other sizes and types of packaging are available on request.

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