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Viscopol SG

Organic polyelectrolyte of synthetic nature


Granular sinthetic polymer, ideal to prepare water-base drilling fluids. Characterised by a very high specific gravity and an elevate anionic charge.


Strong viscosifier. It is a water-soluble polymer,which is primarily used as an highly efficient fluid loss reducer,viscosifier and protective colloid for shales and cutting in fresh water. It is designed to provide cutting encapsulation and shale stabilisation. It maintains hole stability by preventing shale swelling and erosion. If added to our foaming products (SCHIUMOGENO L1 – SCHIUMOGENO L2) gives foams very thick and persistant.


Typical concentration is from 1‰ to 5‰ but are directly connected to the viscosity of the drilling mud and the type of soil.


The polymer is packed in 25 kg. paper sacks (55,11 Lbs.)

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