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The new PVC Polymer Alloy with Additive (PVC-A) combines the resistance of PVC-U with the ductility of Polyethylene, thus creating a product highly resistant to crack propagation, which is the major cause of breakage during installation and laying operations.

The Lareter PVC-A Pipes and Fittings System has been designed to provide the best performance for the specific application of the transport of water and fluids under pressure.


  • High resistance to crack propagation during installation
  • Significant impact resistance to concentrated loads, even at low temperatures
  • Excellent tolerance to chemicals
  • Lighter, if compared to traditional pipes in plastic materials of the same diameters

The PVC-A Lareter range includes PVC-A pipes and fittings from Ø 50 mm to Ø 500 mm diameter, with operating pressures of 8 – 10 – 12.5 – 16 – 20 bars.


The materials have been chosen and mixed carefully, in order to obtain a pipe that could guarantee toughness and durability. The combination of these materials has produced a new generation polymer alloy, able to comply with the needs of the water industry. From the combination of the characteristics of ductility and tenacity of polyethylene chloride and the characteristics of high resistance of PVC-U, we obtained a new product with higher performance at the same cost.
The characteristics of the material are such, that the high levels of breaking strength, even in presence of concentrated loads, combined with the high yield load (ductility), lead the Lareter PVC-A pipes to perform better than others plastic materials on the market.

The Lareter PVC-A pipes and fittings are certified by the KIWA European institution for testing, inspection and certification (TIC) with the KQ KIWA QUALITY KIP-105133 mark that fully incorporates and mutates BS PAS 27: 1999.


The Lareter PVC-A range is manufactured at the Lareter Headquarters of Fiesso Umbertiano (Rovigo – Italy), a Company certified UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management System issued by IIP – Italian Plastics Institute), UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System issued by BSI – British Standard Institutions) and ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety issued by BSI – British Standard Institutions).


For the evaluation of the ductility of PVC-A, the BS PAS 27: 1999 standard expect the passing of the C- RING TEST carried out to evaluate the long-term performance under load of the pipe and in particular to evaluate its resistance to crack propagation and the failure of the product following the application of loads.

Sectors of use:

  • Underground wastewater
  • Industry
  • Civil

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    BS PAS 27
    KQ  KIWA QUALITY  – KP-105133

    D.M n° 174 / 2004

    UNI EN 1622


    Ø 500-500
    PN 8 – PN 10 – PN 12,5 – PN 16 – PN 20


    Blue Ral 5010


    • Solvent Cement Socket
    • Plein

    The FORSHEDA 601 POWER-LOCK™ integrated system uses a spindle, together with the gasket, as a tool to form the pipe socket during the manufacturing process makes FORSHEDA 601 Power-Lock™ an irremovable gasket as is incorporated in the pipe during the thermoforming process, by overlapping the material on the gasket itself.

    The gasket FORSHEDA 601 POWER-LOCK™ is conform or superior to the European Standards, valid at this moment regarding water treatment and sewage systems, installed both under and above ground.

    Thanks to a special design, this gasket simplifies the installation process of pipelines.

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